Affordable Health Insurance in Australia

The cheapest insurance plan is rarely the best insurance. In this article, we discuss value in your plan, rather than the cheapest.
Do I need health insurance?

Cheapest health insurance is rarely the best health insurance.

In the ever-changing landscape of countless private health insurance funds with their vast selection of policies that seem to change with the wind, Australians are becoming tired of the usual health insurance broker model. Large comparison sites draw users in with simple online quoting tools designed to capture personal details, which feeds into a relentless automatic dialling system. Some users of such websites can have their phones hassled upwards of seven times per day.

Online health insurance comparison services can also over-simplify the often complex health needs of the customer. Unfortunately, most online quotes are geared towards displaying the cheapest health policy in terms of cost over quality of inclusions and rebates. In this way, insured Aussies have become painted as “money savers” by this trend.

The key word is better value health insurance.

What about the significant population of people looking for the most affordable health insurance with the highest quality features and inclusions? What if spending that extra $15 per month means the policy-holder receives significantly higher rebates for ongoing health maintenance and services such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic and remedial massage (to name a few).

The word we’re looking for here is “Value”.

Better value health insurance means taking the time to review more options and policies to find that perfect sweet spot concerning the customers specified health needs. It means investing more time into finding the customers comfortable health insurance spending limit and ensuring that the policy is affordable through thick and thin. It also means making sure that slightly dearer policies are left on the table that delivers a greater sense of peace of mind.

Fair Health Care Alliance are renowned for deviating from the status quo by helping our customers and referred patients dig a little deeper in their health fund comparison journey. We support the idea that peace of mind trumps a pocket full of change any day of the week, especially when deciding which health insurance company should be responsible for your private hospital admissions, doctors gaps, quality of care and overall experience at some of the most vulnerable moments in our lives.

This compounds ten-fold when we consider extras or ancillaries. It is of utmost critical importance that we put better benefits above saving a few dollars each month. Most of us have been there before: standing at the reception desk after a simple health service or check-up and nervously swiping our health fund membership card, sweating at the brow about how much we’re going to get back. The amalgamation of generous rebates across many lifestyle health claims puts more money back into our pockets than a slight reduction in premiums – it’s that simple. In this way, we need to reset our paradigm concerning health insurance comparison services.

Fair Health Care Alliance is changing the way we compare health funds.

FHCA has been making waves in the Australian health alliance ecosystem since our inception in late 2017. We help our customers find that careful balance between affordability, quality and peace of mind. We’ve proven anecdotally (and from ten years of industry experience) that bigger doesn’t always mean better when selecting the right health fund for you. Here we suggest that cheaper certainly doesn’t always mean better either. Our situation and needs are in constant flux, so we can conclude that transparent and customer-focused health insurance advice is a precious commodity in 2021 and beyond.

As we say in this industry, what’s suitable for one may not be so for many. There’s no silver-bullet policy that solves everyone’s health insurance equation. There will forever be a demand that every Australian seeking affordable health insurance get access to the fundamental respect of active listening and quality of care (features for which Fair Health Care Alliance has become renowned). We may not find you the cheapest policy in the market, but we can certainly help you find a policy enriched with higher payouts and the freedom to choose your preferred health providers.

To sum it all up…

More than ever, the cost of our health insurance premiums is becoming a critical household topic. Amid an infamous global pandemic, it may not be in our best interest to cancel our health insurance or reduce it to an inappropriate level of cover for the sake of saving money.

Affordable health insurance is subjective. It changes with every person we speak to. What’s right for you?

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