Partner with FHCA

Refer your clients for helpful health insurance advice and share commission.

“I spoke with Mark who provided such insightful and honest information regarding private health care. He made the process so easy and was able to find me the best deal”

Caroline Sutton

health insurance comparison in australia
health insurance comparison in australia

Partner with FHCA

Refer your clients for helpful health insurance advice and share commission.

“I spoke with Mark who provided such insightful and honest information regarding private health care. He made the process so easy and was able to find me the best deal”

Caroline Sutton

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Compare Health Insurance with Fair Health Care Alliance.

We are an Australian-based private health insurance comparison service that uses a holistic approach to providing helpful advice for our clients. Respect, clarity, and care are three core values of our service. Our team’s philosophy is to give every customer the same advice we would offer to close friends and family.

How does it work?

Referring your clients to FHCA is really straight forward. 

After you register, we will email you a unique URL that you can use to refer your clients to us with their permission. We will also provide you with a QR code that you can email or SMS to your clients so they can refer themselves.

We will share 25% of the commission we earn for the health insurance switch up to $350. We will send this commission to you by way of Prezzee VISA Giftcard. You can spend this like a debit VISA card online or in-store.

Shared commissions are sent after a 90-day qualifying period from the date your clients started their new policy. 

We do have an offical Terms Agreement- if required. Many of our smaller referral partners do not require a signed agreement – however we can provide you with one upon request.

How we use your clients private information can be found in our Privacy Policy here

We do not share or sell your clients information with any marketing or data companies and we sctrictly adhere to the Privacy Act 1988. We use the shared information to simply provide our primary service of providing a health insurance quote. 

Just as imporant, we don’t offer your clients any other products or referred services. We help them with their health insurance and send them back to you.

Award Winning Service

For two years and running, we have been named “Best Insurance Comparison Website” for 2023 and 2024 by

We achieved this by maintaing a 5-star average feedback score from over 200 online reviews. We invite you read some of them here.

We understand that we respresent your brand and business when we deal with your clients. Referring your clients to FHCA is trusting that they will be looked after.

Try It For Yourself

Many of our current referral partners first try comparing their own health insurance before formally referring clients to us. 

If you have current private health insurance, we invite you try our service for yourself. We can’t promise you a better policy (although it is likely), but we can promise you a top-notch customer experience. 

Our Health Fund Comparison Promise

We will help you compare health insurances and choose one that better meets your private hospital and extras needs as an individual, couple or family.

Our advisors are adept at helping you compare health funds side-by-side with your current policy, highlighting the pros and cons with honesty and transparency.

Over 25 Years of Collective Experience

We’ve been helping Australians compare and switch health insurance for over 25 years of combined experience. Our approach to health insurance advice is active listening: we listen to everything that is important to our customers and help match them to a health insurance policy that suits them best.

Health Insurance FAQ

You don’t have to re-serve any waiting periods that have already been served when switching from another health insurance fund. Your new health fund will recognize what you are already covered for and waive the waiting periods if moving to an equivalent level of coverage on your new private hospital or extras policy. In short, anything you are covered for now port across. You may have to serve waiting periods if moving to a higher level of cover but only for the items that were not previously covered.

Yes – absolutely. You can refer clients to us who do not currently hold the required private hospital cover to avoid the MLS tax. The client gets his with additional tax if they earn above $93,000 as a Single or $186,000 as a Couple/Family (Gross annual income).

Our panel includes AHM by Medibank, HCF, NIB, HIF, AIA Health, GMHBA, Frank, Health Partners, HCi, Hunter Health, and Australian Unity.

Health insurance comparison is very important when selecting your new health insurance policy. It allows you to compare hundreds of products in the market at once. When you compare with Fair Health Care Alliance, an experienced health insurance advisor will take you through an analysis of your health needs to help match you to a great product. You should compare health insurance with Fair Health Care Alliance because we focus on value, increasing payouts on claims, and health fund reputation. It’s not all about what’s cheaper!

The best health insurance fund in Australia is determined by who is asking the question. Health insurance companies come in all different shapes and sizes with an array of numerous policies that suit different health needs across hospital and extras. Features that can determine the best health insurance are policy cost, rebates for the extras you use most, fund reputation with hospitals, and doctors and ambulance cover.

There are close to 40 private health insurance funds in Australia, and most of them operate on a Not-For-Profit business model. However, the market is dominated by For-Profit health funds such as Medibank and BUPA, with around 54% of insured Australians being with one of the two. Does a bigger health insurance company make them perform better? The data would suggest not.

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