Private Health Cover in New South Wales

Residents of NSW have quite a number of private health insurance funds to select from. In an industry peppered with circa 40 health brands to choose from, it can become a complicated process to sift through the options and find the best health fund for you.Several private health insurance companies in Australia have their headquarters or home office in New South Wales. There is an argument suggesting that health funds perform just that little better in their home state. We generally find that the hospital gap cover performance for many funds tends to be higher in the State or Territory that the fund resides in.

Which Private Health funds have headquarters based in New South Wales?

Health Fund HQ Location
Health FundHQ Location
CBHS CorporateParramatta
Doctors’ HealthSydney
Nurses and MidwivesSydney
Reserve BankSydney
RT Health FundSydney
Teachers HealthSydney
Transport HealthSydney

Does my nearest private hospital/s have an agreement with all of these NSW based health insurance companies?

This is where things can get tricky. Finding a decent health insurance policy that suits your needs at the lowest price is one mammoth task. The next task is to ensure that your chosen health fund has a contract or agreement with your nearest private hospitals or any private hospitals that you might attend in the future.

Each Australian health insurer has a list of their current agreement hospitals on their website literature or on the Government-run website for private health insurance. Finding these resources can be very time consuming and difficult to navigate if you’re not familiar with your way around health insurance products.

Part of our helpful service at Fair Health Care Alliance is to provide you with this information, ensuring you start your new health insurance policy on a steady footing.

On a side-note: when it comes to extras or ancillaries, all of the listed health funds above use on-the-spot claiming with Hi-Caps, however, some of your allied health providers may not have a provider code with your new health insurer, and you will have to claim manually (not fun).

Should I sign up to a private
health cover based in New South Wales if I live there?

Not necessarily. Many other health funds are based in other states such as Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. Some of these funds have a fantastic reputation in the greater private system and with private hospitals all over the country.
It is of our opinion that Western Australians should first look at health funds based in WA, only because it’s a big state on the other side of the country. NSW residents can be confident that many of the private health insurance companies based on the east coast of Australia (VIC, NSW, QLD) may perform on or above the industry standard.

Of course, we speak in general terms here. You can be with the best, most reputable health fund in Australia and still cop a nasty out-of-pocket gap bill because your private doctor or allied health specialist charge high fees or choose not to participate in gap cover. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to hospital claims and private doctors fees. This does not mean one cannot make an informed choice and ask all the right questions.

How much is health cover insurance in NSW?

This question can’t be answered in general terms. One must first determine some critical variables, most notably what Government rebate on health insurance you are entitled to and if you have any lifetime health cover loading (LHC) penalties.
For the government rebate, we have some information about how to determine which tiered rebate you are entitled to based on your age and household income. To recap, the Australian Government contributes a % of our health insurance premiums to help keep it affordable.

If you need an online lifetime health cover loading calculator, we have a neat article you can read that explains how LHC is calculated and the most efficient way that you may be able to find out what it is. To recap, lifetime health cover loading is a 2% penalty imposed upon any New South Wales (or Australian) citizen or permanent resident for every year they do not hold hospital cover past the age of 30.

The quickest and most reliable way to get a health insurance quote in NSW is to get in touch with one of our health advisers. Our collective of helpful advisers have been comparing health funds for Australians since 2010. We can help you determine your rebate, LHC, needs across private hospital cover and extras, and then suggest a health insurance fund from our panel of reputable Australian and not-for-profit health funds.

  • Avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge
  • Cheap hospital cover for tax purposes
  • Extras to things like dental, physio, optical etc.
  • adviser to help you through the process
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