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We believe every Australian should have the right to choose their own health provider and that Health Funds should pay well at any health provider, not just at "Preferred Providers". The Fair Health Care Alliance can help you get higher extras payouts for the services you use, equal or better hospital cover, often even while reducing your premiums.
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How it works

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Health insurance prices just keep going up, up, up, but the payouts seem to stay the same (or get worse). More Australians than ever are asking the question, "is it worth it to just drop our cover completely?". At the same time, you don't want to be left without cover for when you need it most. We think you deserve a health fund that puts your health & wellbeing above their bottom line, don't you?

Lower health insurance premiums speaks for itself, but value also comes from how much you get back from your health fund when you claim. High rebates means you hand over less money when you pay the gap. Also, people who are confident in what their fund pays for health services are also more likely to maintain ongoing treatment, more often, leading to better health.


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Yes, we absolutely need 5-10 mins on the phone to understand what is (and isn't) important to you on your health policy. This is essential.


We are adept at helping our clients fully understand a true side-by-side health insurance comparison. There's a lot more to it than just price and payouts.

A 5-Star Service

Clients we've helped have wonderful things to say about the way in which we helped. The difference is that we genuinely care about your health needs and wellbeing.
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Kim Pollock
Kim Pollock
Excellent to deal with, listened to our requirements and got us a fantastic deal!!
Paul Durrant
Paul Durrant
We were looking to change our health insurance provider due to continually rising premiums. Our chiropractor referred us to Aaron, who after taking into account our needs with regards to coverage, recommended an alternative fund to us. We now have access to more services, the fund pays a greater percentage of the gap and our premium is also cheaper. We are very happy to recommend this service.read more
Ross Benbow
Ross Benbow
Aaron was able to give clear advice about my existing Heath Insurance policy and he enabled to make the decision to move to a Health Insurer that gave better value. Thanks Aaron, keep up the good work. And yes, I have recommended to my friends that they contact you. Cheers Ross Benbowread more
Robert Ling
Robert Ling
I am so glad I spoke with Fair Healthcare Alliance and then made a switch from one of the big private health insurers. I am now getting much better value for money. I had no idea and always assumed I was getting a great deal until I spoke with Fair Health Care Alliance. Highly recommended!!!read more
Kerry Patterson
Kerry Patterson
Aaron was extremely helpful and found a health fund which suited my family far better than the one we had. I would definitely recommend him!read more
Megan Smith
Megan Smith
Aaron’s help in navigating this minefield was awesome. He was well versed in what was available and would certainly recommend him to anyone looking to make comparisons.read more
Lisa Stevic
Lisa Stevic
Arron was very helpful, & professional, appreciated all his help, its a mind field looking for a new health fund as I wasn't happy, Arron helped me choose out of a couple of different funds which would suit my family, much more value now !read more
Claudia De Petra
Claudia De Petra
Aaron was so attentive and informative ...would use him Again
Alana Pollard
Alana Pollard
Very prompt and professional service with a great outcome benefiting our family.
Vivien Henesey-Smith
Vivien Henesey-Smith
We appreciate the professional service provided by our consultant in assessing our policy. The outcome was beneficial to us as we will get a much better refund with our new provider. There was never any obligation to change our policy but is a free service to reassess your family or individual health insurance needs.read more
Steph Bast
Steph Bast
Amazing customer service, easy to work with and extremely helpful!
Anne McDonald
Anne McDonald
Prompt assistance with excellent service.
Trehan Stenton
Trehan Stenton
The advice and process for the transition were easy and straight forward.
Lynda Hand Pilbeam
Lynda Hand Pilbeam
Thanks for all your help Aaron, was easy process 👍🏼
Donald John Munro
Donald John Munro
The ease of discussing our needs with Aaron face to face over the phone. And the professional manner that Aaron handled the change. What he indicated has happened - and I am going to pass on his details to 2 clients who have expressed their need to review their health cover Don MURO cparead more
Hollie Baker
Hollie Baker
very helpful service Aaron
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Better benefits

Lower premiums

More than ever, Australian's are finding comparing health insurance funds to be a confusing and frustrating endeavor, often resulting in the entire exercise being put in the 'too hard' basket. Our health insurance advisers guide you through a comprehensive examination of important measures such as private hospital inclusions, private doctors gap cover, excess, ambulance, extras limits & payouts, and waiting periods.

We pride ourselves in our ability to convey clarity and honesty when helping our customers compare private health funds.

Clarity & Care

A service built around You.

We've partnered with Australian health practices nation-wide, working together to ensure their valued patients are given access to health insurance funds and policies that better match their needs, often at a lower price.

We have a large panel of health funds, including Australian Not-For-Profit and Mutual funds, and even more again through our extended network of referral partnerships.

Most important of all: if we identify that you are already on the best cover for you, we advise that you stay where you are. The Fair Health Care Alliance has a severe dislike for the "sales-driven" culture evident at other health insurance comparison services.

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Australian practices.

Dental, Oral Hygiene, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Denture Clinics, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Optical Outlets, Acupuncture, Naturopath, Alternate Therapy, Speech, Eye and Occupational Therapy.


Physio, Chiro, Osteo, Exercise Physiology, etc.


General, Hygiene, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Denture Clinics, etc.

Alternate Therapy

Remedial Massage, Naturopath, Acupuncture, Bowen, etc.


Glasses & Contacts


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