Redefining what a health insurance comparison means in Australia

Fair Health Care Alliance has a different approach to how we help Australians compare health insurance. You’ve seen all the ads on television and radio from the usual big “compare” and “save” tycoons, perhaps donning some irrelevant device such as a talking rodent mascot. Flirt with the websites of the likes of these businesses and risk having your phone pounded up to seven or more times by an automatic dialler until you pick up and entertain their salespeople.
Australians are tired of hearing the same hooks pertaining to their insurance products, energy and finance. Finding a “cheaper” policy or product can have two meanings when considering price next to benefits. You may save money on your premiums, but sometimes it comes at a steeper price: cheaper benefits and rebates when it comes time to claim.
Through our numerous conversations with insured Australians regarding their private health insurance, we have found that reducing the monthly or annual cost of the policy premium is only one of the ways to better your health insurance situation. The cheapest policy that ticks all your boxes is very rarely the best value. Hospital cover benefits and excess structure and extras rebates and annual limits are factors that determine the true quality of your health cover in Australia.


Saving money on health insurance VS better value health insurance

For active claimers who frequent health and wellbeing maintenance, such as visiting the dentist, physiotherapist or chiropractor, remedial massage or claim glasses or contacts annually, a policy with higher extras payouts and benefits can actually save them more money when you run the numbers. Would you pay $10-$15 more per month for a policy that gives no excess for hospital day surgery and 100% back on preventative dental claims? Or perhaps an extra $100 for Optical per person per year? An additional $1000 off a dental Crown or course of Orthodontics?

In short, a health insurance policy that costs a few dollars more each month can end up saving you hundreds of dollars if the benefits for the health services you use most are generous. Our health advisers can help work out the math behind these kinds of decisions when helping you with your health insurance comparison of different products and funds.

Freedom to choose your own health providers

Fair Health Care Alliance have become renowned in the Australian health insurance comparison landscape as a defender of the freedom to choose your own health providers. Many health insurance companies- particularly the bigger ones with a household name- cover less of your medical costs if your choice of doctor or health provider is not one of their “preferred providers”. It is of utmost importance that Australians retain the right to choose their health specialists and practices without being financially penalized.

Some of Australia’s big For-Profit health insurance companies require that their members attend one of their contracted “preferred providers” to get higher rebates and lower out-of-pocket costs. These preferred provider platforms are often used as a way for the health fund to control fees and frequency of health services. However, do you want to be told by your health fund which doctor or health provider you should go see for services related to your health? What if your GP refers you to a renowned specialist who is not in bed with your health fund? What if your trusted dentist or physiotherapist is independent of such “preferred provider” schemes?

These all too common scenarios can result in significant out of pocket costs for you and your family. That’s the bottom line.

Fair Health Care Alliance will help you compare health insurance with some reputable and not-for-profit health funds that support freedom of choice by paying generously at any health provider in Australia.

A health insurance comparison with care

Our major difference is our approach to giving health insurance advice and helping Australians compare health insurance companies using transparency, care and genuine excellent service. People who have used our service to switch health funds often give feedback that they felt listened to and that the health adviser on the phone truly did care about helping them find the best health insurance policy.

There is a reason why Fair Health Care Alliance has a 4.9 out of 5-star average review score on Google, Facebook and other product review sites. Our health insurance care consultants ask those extra questions that help us determine your hidden health requirements and therefore provide you with the right recommendations.

Our internal philosophy is to treat each customer like we were helping a family member.

Avoid those usual health insurance comparison sites that hammer your phone with missed calls in order to connect you with one of their hungry salespeople. Contact Fair Health Care Alliance to see the difference and to see what respect and quality of care looks like in comparison.

  • Avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge
  • Cheap hospital cover for tax purposes
  • Extras to things like dental, physio, optical etc.
  • adviser to help you through the process
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