Digital Support Team

Does your practice need genuine help with website stuff?

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Fair Healthcare Alliance Digital Support Team. It has always been our intention to help independent health practices with pro-bono website and digital marketing support, particularly for any practice owners who could use the help in an increasingly competitive digital market. In short, we will be accepting applications from our practice partners who would like to be considered for a free modern website, with the intention to give your business a professional and accessible online presence to help you find new patients.

There are no hidden catches or alterior motives. We just want to give more back to the practices we support, and believe it is one step closer to fairness within the health alliance industry. The website will be yours, all the content is yours, and we ask for nothing in return.

Things you need to know: 

  • The website will be built using WordPress. This is best for Google searches.
  • You cannot change how the website looks. However, we can match the colour pallette to match your logo or business colours.
  • We will build the website with SEO Google search terms in mind. This means you will start ranking for important terms such as “[Town/Suburb Name] Dentist”, for example.
  • We will provide all the images and write all the content, however, you are welcome to provide your own content if you wish.
  • For $15 per month, we can provide hosting for the website and also provide ongoing edits and changes, OR,
  • we can hand over the website for you to host yourself and manage yourself.
Please apply using the application below if you would like to be considered for this program.

Do you currently have a website?

COMING SOON: in the future we will be adding Social Media and Search Engine marketing to the Digital Support Team. If you already have a functional website but could use help with advertising on Facebook and Google, keep your eye on any future emails from us announcing our pro-bono Digital Marketing support for health practices that need a little help.