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We represent the trilateral relationship between your practice, your patients, and your patients’ health fund.

When a patient is disappointed with their health fund rebate, they become at risk of calling their current insurer who may then advise them to change to a “preferred provider” competitor nearby. When this happens, your practice loses a patient through no fault of your own.

New patients don’t come easily when you consider all the invested time, marketing costs and word-of-mouth required to build your patient base, so we’d like to help you with a solution to help avoid losing patients in this way.

Poor rebates can also affect how often your patients return for ongoing services and health maintenance. One of Australia’s largest health insurance funds often only pays approx. 20%-30% of your item number unless they go to a “preferred provider”… and that’s just not fair.

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our supporters

The Australian Dental Association recommend and refer patients to us directly through their Compare Your Policy page (formally known as Time2Switch).

We work closely with Independent Dentist Network member practices to enable their patients to retain freedom of choice to select who treats them


We proudly support and are supported by the Dental Innovations Network and their registered practices.

It’s a simple process.



Refer your patients online and book a call with a health adviser for them. We also send new practice partners a welcome pack with marketing for the waiting room and reading material for your staff.



We don’t spam your patients. We try to help your patients compare and switch onto a new health policy with higher payouts for your services. We assist and support them end-to-end to ensure a smooth process.



Portability means that health insurance waiting periods don’t need to be re-served when switching funds. This means the improvement and higher benefits are often immediate.

Practices that use our service have reported increased patient retention, patient attendance, and overall improved customer experience.

By advertising and offering our service at the right times, health practices who make good use of the Fair Health Care Alliance have a notable increase in patient retention. In short, we save some of your patients from being redirected to a nearby competior who is a registered prefferred provider with that health fund.

A welcome side-effect that Fair Health Care Alliance practice partners have experienced is that some of the patients who have used our service and taken our advice have had an increase in attendance for ongoing work and health maintenance. In short, we’ve found that a patient who is confident in their health insurance rebates return more often for treatment.

When a patient gets a poor return from their current health fund, it can quickly turn into a negative experience for that patient and for your reception staff. When your reception staff offer our service as a way to help them solve the problem of poor health insurance rebates, it turns a negative exchange in your business into a positive cutomer experience.

We currently support over 1000 Australian health practices
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Not only is this service free for your business and your patients, but there are no contracts, commitments or expectations. You can refer as many or as little patients as you need. We are simply a helpful tool to use as needed. We are remunerated by our Health Fund partners for the service of advising and switching health funds for new members.

Our goals

To connect Australian health practices and their patients to private health insurance funds that we feel match our philosophy for freedom-of-choice and fairness regarding extras payouts and choice of health provider.


To educate and enable the staff of our partnered practices to offer our transparent and helpful health insurance advice service while abiding by APHRA Code of Conduct. To treat your patients with care and respect as representatives of your referral.


To promote fairness in the Australian health landscape pertaining to private health insurance and to encourage health funds to abolish preferred provider platforms and promote nondiscriminatory rebates for item-numbered services.

important data

In terms of market share, the top five health insurers in Australia are Medibank, BUPA, HCF, NIB and HBF. Together, these health funds account for 83% of all insured Australians (Just under 53% are Medibank or BUPA customers alone). When considering that there are 38 health insurers in Australia, you very quickly see that only 13% of the health insurers own 83% of health insurance policy holders.

All five of the largest health funds use preferred provider platforms across the health landscape of Australia. BUPA (Member’s First), Medibank (Member’s Choice), HCF (More for you), HBF (Member Plus), and NIB (First Choice Dental). Considering that all these funds advertise these preferred provider platforms indirectly on their websites and potentially directly via correspondence, it can mean independent health practices in Australia may have difficulty obtaining new, and retaining current, patients.

five star review call centre
Brisbane West Dental Group
Practice Manager

“Just popping you a quick email to thank you for your excellent customer service for our patients. We have had rave reviews from all of our patients who have changed from health insurance companies that they have been miserable with for a long time, but too scared or confused to change. All of our patients have said you have made it easy for them and are very happy to have the roles reversed in relation to the amount they are now out of pocket and the rebate they are receiving.”

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